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1st workshop round

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Anny Ploegmakers

Fri Sat Sun 9.30-11.00

What attracts and fascinates her is the growing body awareness and ever deepening relaxation in the body by practising Taiji and which she adopts more and more in her daily life. She started practising Taiji in 1992, fascinated by the inner quietness which can be obtained by practising it. Since 1998 she is a dedicated student of Wee Kee Jin(WKJ), student of Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan. She is teaching since 2002. Passed her instructors exam in 2016 in The School of Central Equilibrium of WKJ.

Taiji principles sticking, following, adhering, no resistance and no disconnections

You are going to research and practise the taiji principles sticking, following, adhering,

no resistance and no disconnections.

Apply these principles in your own form and in Push Hands patterns, developed by Master Huang Sheng Shyan.

Eline Qi Gong Picture.JPG

Eline Kieft

Fri Sat Sun 9.30-11.00

Dr. Eline Kieft was trained by Lee Holden, who worked closely with Mantak Chia to translate Qi Gong principles into a Western context. In addition to Qi Gong teacher, Eline is an anthropologist, shamanic practitioner, mentor and dance guide. These flows come together in her Wild Soul Center. This is an inspiring community for health, exercise, nature experience and awareness. She gives 4 online Qi Gong lessons every week and guides people individually and in groups with personal mastery and the art of living.

Shamanic Qi Gong

In each workshop you will encounter 3 shamanic aspects of Qi Gong:

  • We move with landscape elements such as rivers, trees, sea, sun and earth. This connects us with nature and helps us step into a unity consciousness.

  • We discover inspiration from the animal kingdom for vitality and life force. We meet different animals as guides to transformation and inner strength.

  • We learn techniques to feel our energy field, charge it and strengthen it where necessary. Through our personal field we feel the infinite flow of the universe.

It's about experience. You don't need any previous experience with Qi Gong or shamanism, and you don't need to believe in anything!





Gudula Motsch

Fri Sat Sun 9.30-11.00

She has been practicing Taijiquan and Qigong since 1993 and teaching for more than 20 years. She started with the short and long form according to Cheng Man Ching, switched to the Wudang style in 2009 and became a student of Sifu Tian Liyang from the Wudang Mountains in China. In her teaching, body structure, softness and the right use of the mental power Yi play an important role.

Playing with the mental power “Yi” in Push Hands

What exactly is the “Yi”, how can this mental power support a secure and good rooted stand on the one hand and my push hands on the other? In various exercises we try to explore the nature of this power in order to use it effectively.

Daan Hengst/Hanna Rochlitz

Fri 9.30-11.00

Principles of Soft Pushing and application in communications

Workshopinfo on its way

Sat 9.30-11.00

Workshopinfo on its way

Sun 9.30-11.00

2nd workshop round
more info mid april


Lauren Smith

Fri-Sat-Sun 11.30-13.00

I've been practicing Taichi for over 30 years and teaching for over 20. I enjoy movement and subtle exercise systems of all kinds. My work is a play of principles often with a special emphasis on pushing hands.

Playing with Yin and Yang

I'm offering 3 days of exercises playing with yin and yang. The days will be generally divided in vertical, horizontal and central/peripheral aspects of yin and yang. Expect massage, partner exercises and pushing.


Job Koesoemobroto

Fri-Sat-Sun 11.30-13.00

Job Koesoemobroto has been studying Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xing-Yiquan since 1984. He has trained in swordsmanship and the internal principles in weapons such as Sword (Jian) and spear. 
As Chief Instructor Europe at the Golden Flower Tai Chi School, he has taught thousands of students and trained and supervised several hundred teachers.
Job can skillfully translate advanced principles into simple instructions. His teaching quality is the combination of serious training combined with lightness and fun in learning. 

Taiji Fast Form

Most taijiers practice the slow forms, but it is less known that fast forms are also traditionally learned. In addition to the martial aspects of the fast form, you also learn various health aspects, such as flexibility, fitness training and internal strength.
In this workshop you will learn the principles of the fast form developed by grandmaster San Gee Tam of the Golden Flower School. Job also interweaves influences from Xingyi and Bagua in this fast form.

Workshopinfo on its way

Fri-Sat-Sun 11.30-13.00

Workshopinfo on its way

Fri 11.30-13.00

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Kees van Haaren

Sat 11.30-13.00

Kees van Haaren has been practicing Taiji since 1986. His Dutch Yang teachers in Cheng ManChing are: Hanne Arnold and then Rob and Erich Völke. Since the 1990s he has attended workshops of the Taijiquan Netherlands Foundation (STN), including: Ben Lo, William Chen, Wang YinYin, Serge Dreyer, Peter Ralston, Master Yek, Patrick Kelly and Wee KeeYin. Kees is also familiar with Wu style, he was a student of Ma JiangBao in Rotterdam.

BASIC Form walking

In the workshop Kees will clarify BASIC form walking using the Cheng ManChing movement principle: Relax, Sink, Turn (Yang ChenFu: Yield, Bend, Extend).
Points of attention are: 1. You sink with one leg. 2. You have to shift your weight (otherwise you will end up in Double Weight, resulting in an unstable posture/balance). Kees explains how these points of interest arise from the Five Elements doctrine.
In the threes move above, he shows how Double Weight form issues become apparent (especially in some 1-leg stances) and how you can resolve those issues, thereby strengthening the stability of your stances.

Workshopinfo on its way

Sun 11.30-13.00

3e workshopronde
vr za-17.00-18.30
zo 14.00-15.30


Wies Teepe

Fri Sat 11.30-13.00

Sun 14.00-15.30

Wies Teepe, biologist, nature guide and loves to cook. As a biologist and nature guide, I have specialized in wild edible plants for the past almost 25 years. Discover how much fun it is to collect your own food.

Wild picking workshop

Nature in the Netherlands has many edible plants. Come with me and I will show you which plants are suitable for eating and which are not, and you will learn what to pay attention to when picking and collecting, such as sustainable picking, safety and “is it actually allowed?” We will also enjoy the taste of the plants we encounter in a tasting. Learn how important plants are to us.


Roderik Schoorlemmer

Fri Sat 11.30-13.00

Sun 14.00-15.30

Roderik works as a trainer coach where he uses his own personal development (or decline, depending on how you look at it) at the individual, team and organizational level.

Internal art and personal development

In three days we will investigate how going within can contribute to your own personal development


Ynze Waterlander

Fri Sat 11.30-13.00

Sun 14.00-15.30

My teacher is Scott Rodell.

Through him I train in Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, hand form and weapons.

But I also like to learn from anyone who can add to my knowledge and skills in the field of Taiji and weapons.

Dao, single-handed sabre

The workshops focus on the dao, the single-handed saber.

We're going to look at applications involving dao versus dao, dao versus knife, and dao versus spear.

The workshops are for anyone who wants to look behind the form at the application of that form or otherwise become acquainted with the dao.

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