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Food and drinks

At the North Sea Tai Chi Festival, a delicious vegetarian meal is served at 1 p.m. You don't have to worry about that. There is enough.

During the day there is coffee and tea.  

You have to take care of your own breakfast and also your dinner. People often cook together in the tent, and you can  share your ingredients and join if you have a friendly character. If you don't have that, but you can play the guitar, read palms or have a bottle of wine with you, you will come a long way.

This year we hope to leave as little waste as possible #zerowaste.

And don't use plastic / cardboard plates, cups and cutlery #less disposable plastic.

So we ask you to bring your own #bringyourowncup porcelain, metal or hard plastic camping plate, cutlery, mug!

There is also a camping restaurant about a mile away that you can enjoy.

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