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Below we have listed a number of frequently asked questions and their answers.




How do I know I have paid?

This year we are working with Go Tickets, a ticket seller for events and festivals.

Registration, payment, ticket and ticket confirmation are arranged by Go Ticket.

If you have any questions about the festival, you can always email us at


The prices include overnight accommodation, so include a pitch for the tent?

Yes that's right; it includes overnight stay


The prices include lunch?

Yes that's right; it includes a vegetarian lunch. We have a great chef and there is plenty to eat. You are on your own for breakfast. Zeewolde is relatively close by and there are supermarkets there. You can prepare your own dinner or go with others to a neighboring restaurant, a 20-minute walk away.

This year we hope to leave as little waste as possible #zerowaste.

And don't use plastic/cardboard plates, cups and cutlery #less disposable plastic.

So we ask you to bring your own #bringyourowncup porcelain, metal or hard plastic camping plate, cutlery and mug!


Are drinks provided?

There is plenty of water, of course. In addition, coffee and tea are made throughout the day, which you can take time off.




Where is it?

Land of the Banks of Staatsbosbeheer near Zeewolde. It can be difficult to find, drive to Dasselaarweg and follow the signs to the site. Arrows are placed pointing to the festival.


From when?

From Thursday 5 p.m., the evening before the start of the festival, you can set up camp and you are welcome. After 8 p.m. you must park your car in the parking lot in front of the camping site. Due to the request of the municipality of Zeewolde, the fire brigade and safety authorities, we must comply with this request.


How do I get there?

By car or public transport. Take a look at the Location page

Who should I report to for an early bird festival Tshirt?

Ask for Kat and Anna upon arrival, they will take care of the administration of our festival. They confirm your arrival and provide you with everything. Please do this as soon as possible so that we have a clear overview. Have you registered for three days at North Sea? Also pick up your early bird festival T-shirt from Kat and Anna.

I've never been before

No problem! You're more than welcome. The festival is small-scale. Participants, teachers and organization are very approachable, we think that is important. No one is better or more important than the other. Relax-Enjoy-Learn-Connect, those are the key words. You will see that you quickly make contact with fellow practitioners.


Where can I pitch my tent?

A part of the site has been set up for tents. You can pitch your tent there. Observe the guidelines; There must be a distance of 4 meters between tents and cars in the parking lot adjacent to the camping site. The same request again from the municipality of Zeewolde, the fire brigade and the safety authorities.


What are the facilities?

You have no electricity, but there are power points where you can charge phones. The facilities are basic, but fine. There are showers, toilets and sinks on site.

During the festival


With bad weather?

We have set up a number of tents on the site where the workshops take place in case of bad weather.


If I have any questions or comments during the festival?

Report to Roderik, Helma, Pim or Daan. They will help you further...

Are the workshops in Dutch?

Usually yes, but if people attend the workshop who do not speak Dutch, they will be translated or the workshops will be conducted in English. So you can attend everything.


Photos give a good impression of the festival. You will regularly see photographers at work. From Friday to Sunday we take photos of the workshops and the festival and post them on our website and Facebook over time.



After the program on Sunday afternoon, most people clean up and leave. It would be nice if you left the festival grounds around 5 p.m....

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